Lowes portal is a platform to handle all the employment issues. Lowes portal has information such as employee schedule, payment, benefits and so on. All the information is available just by one click only. The process to access Lowes portal page will not take a long time. It is effective and efficient to use anytime and anywhere. As you the employee under Lowe license, you will need to join this portal. By joining the Lowes portal, you will get the most recent updates about the company. You will never leave behind to know what’s happening in the office. What are the employment issues you need to know is important to avoid trouble? As you realize that it is important, now get the directions how to join the Lowes portal employee.

As the starter point, you have to get employee or sales number. It is the credential to type whiles you about to log in. Once you join the company, you will get it. If not, please ask for it to your HR department officer. Then you will need a password to complete your login credentials. If one day you happen to forget the password, don’t worry about it. The Lowes portal system has something to recover it. It is a link help which you can access to modify the old password.

If you are ready with all the login details, now it is the time to show you how to enter the Lowes portal. The steps are:

  1. Please prepare for the laptop, PC or anything that has browser application. You must make a connection to internet access. After that visit the official page of Lowes portal through www.myloweslife.com. If you worry to type the wrong address, you just need to copy and paste the address. Open it through your browser application.
  2. If there is no trouble, you will see the homepage of Lowes portal after that. On the homepage, you will see the area to do login. Lowes portal login process is capable of filling employee number ID and password.
  3. The next step is clicking the login button. It is right after the login detail fields. You will found it in gray box button.
  4. If you found that your login fails, please retry the process one more time. Perhaps you make the wrong input, or the connection is out.
  • Forgot Your Lowes Portal Password?

Forget the password? As we tell you before that, there is a link to help you here. The solution is available in myloweslife.com page. Once you come to the Lowes portal page, you will see the link print on blue. It sounds like “Forgot Password?” which you need to click. As you click the link, you will require you input the username. It is the things to recognize which account you want to recovery.

After that, you will see the gray box below the username field. The gray box is “Get Questions” button to access the security questions. There are some issues you need to answer. If you make it, you can modify the password. As the next step, you must retry to login in Lowes portal page. Apply your new password and look how it works.